Military Firearms

Claremont Firearms stock a large range of Military Firearms and Collectibles.

All firearms come with a money back guarantee – if you feel that the firearm is not as advertised, send it back for a full refund (freight at buyer’s expense).

Please refer all military firearm related enquiries to


How to make a purchase:

  1. Fill in the form below.

    Military Firearm Enquiry

    We will reply within the next 2-3 business days with images of a potential match, if one exists.

    Higher condition firearms are subject to additional cost that may exceed listed prices.


  1. Payment can be done with card details over the phone or direct deposit.
    • Direct Deposit
    • BSB: 086 217
    • ACC: 56327 8452

    We also offer a three-month lay-by.


  1. Once we have received funds in full for firearms and freight we will send the firearm via courier and email you the tracking number.
  • Note: Due to legal restrictions regarding firearms transport freight costs can vary from a minimum $85 (metropolitan areas) to $150 and above (regional areas). We are always looking for the best value freight services and will update these prices as soon as cheaper alternatives are identified.




Mosin Nagant M44 $450 M44
Mosin Nagant 91-30 $450 M91-30
Mosin Nagant 91-30 Sniper $1200 M91-30 sniper
Mosin Nagant M38 $550 M38
Finnish Nagant M39 (SAKO) $950 factory refurb /  $750 original Finnish Nagant
Mauser K98 $750 K98
Lee Enfield No.4 MK1 (Savage) .303 $480 Enfield
Lee Enfield .303 Deactivated $750 Enfield
Finnish Luger $1700 finnish luger
Walther P1 Police $550 p38 police
Walther P38 Nazi $650 p38 nazi
Nagant Revolver $375 nagant revolver


Firearms pictured here are only a representation – the appearance and condition of actual firearms may differ.

Military Firearms can be sent throughout Australia. Firearms are only sent upon receipt of full payment and copy of transferring dealers license. 



Bayonets for sale

.303 Bayonets (Pat. 1907) $165  1907 bay
P14/17 Bayonets $145  p14 bay
AK47 Bayonets $45  ak47 bay
Swedish Mauser Bayonets $105  swede bay
CETME Spanish Bayonets $45  cetme bay
Enfield No.4 Bayonets $45  no4 bay